car lovers for car lovers…

Haus of Cars is a local car boutique deeply rooted in automotive passion. We believe the scenic route and roads less taken. Driving, to us, is not merely the mundane chore of connecting points A and B, but rather chance to rekindle a love affair with the open road. As such, we strive on carrying the makes and models that really excite these emotions in us. We buy and sell only the highest quality pre-loved vehicles in staying authentic to this vision.

Our love of the automobile however, is secondary only to the desire to please our clients. They are the heart of our achievements and goals, they strengthen our reputation, and provide life for the company. We know full well, building strong customer relationships and long-term satisfaction, is the keystone to great success in any business.

Quality control in a focused vehicle selection, an unsurpassed level of customer care, and the utmost integrity and transparency in business. This is our commitment.

Our Warranty

At Haus of Cars, we strongly believe that none of our cars, regardless of make, model, or price, should leave our lot without a warranty.  We carefully handpick each of our vehicles, which also go through our own rigorous inspection process, to insure they are fully prepared for sale.

However, even the best examples need protection. This is why we are more than happy to accommodate with our many extended warranty options to tailor to a wide array of customer needs.  As well for any warranty holders, Haus of Cars can take care of your next claim, regardless if our participating warranties were purchased from us or outside.

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