What's the Right Process for Buying a Pre-Owned Car?

Famous for its natural splendor and infamous being expensive, Vancouver doesn’t make owning a dream car an easy job. While a brand new car may cost you a fortune here, settling down for a pre-owned version of a car that you’ve yearned for all your life, could be the next best thing to do. Something that’ll bring you the maximum bang for your buck.

 You may be thinking that buying a pre-owned car isn’t easy either and you’re probably right, only if you don’t pay attention to the details. Buying a used luxury car in Vancouver can actually be an enriching experience if you visit the right car store and keep a few things in mind before signing the cheque.

Let’s make that car buying spree a peaceful experience of you and your bank account.

Find the Right Dealer: Finding the right dealer has to be the most important part of the process. Buying a used luxury car can become quick and easy if you look for a  licensed local car boutique in Vancouver. Also, your dealer should have sufficient experience in sourcing the car you desire. It always best to check a dealer’s car inventory before narrowing down your choice to a specific car.

Go for a Test Drive: Even before you consider buying a pre-owned car, make sure you take it out for a test drive. You can also have a mechanic check all parts of the car and rule out any problems that may this a deal breaker for you.

Check the Vehicle History Report: You can use the vehicle’s identification number to rule out chances of the vehicle being involved in a accidental damage or anything that could be alarming.

Chalk out the Budget and Ownership Costs: Make sure you set out a budget before going out there in search of a car. Work it out and create a full-fledged budget on buying the car, repairs, transfers and upgrades, if any.

Financing: Many car service providers in Vancouver offer financing and leasing services on pre-owned cars.  If raising funds is a concern, you might want to choose a dealer like Haus of Cars that offers financing services in Burnaby, BC.

Consider the Best Deal: Research and negotiate - that’s your cue. Once you receive a quote from the dealer or seller, make sure you check in with a few others and do a market research to see if you are receiving the best deal that is out there or not. You can always negotiate and ask for a lower price. Just ask away, some time it can save a couple hundred bucks.

Seal the Deal: When you are ready to seal a deal, get all paperwork done. Don’t forget to get it transferred in your name and get the car insurance in order.

These are some basic things that you should keep in mind before buying a pre-owned car from a local car boutique in Vancouver. If you look closely, you may be able to find a classic, luxury used car that looks as good as new and saves you a fortune.

Go out and start for used car hunt today!