First Post: A Blog For Car Lovers


I'm Joseph, one of the owners and original founder of Haus of Cars. I started out originally September 15, 2015, a little pet project, with the sole purpose of feeding a need for speed.  More specifically of the German variety.  Being the lover that I am of all things Porsche Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, armed with no sales background other than being a complete car nerd, me and my partner went to task. 

After the lovely process of completing our VSA Dealers license, we had begun ordering left hand drive gems directly from Japan, no newer than 15 years old.  A recipe of a couple G wagons, some eurospec M cars, a batch of AMG's, with a dash of Brabus monsters made up our first order of inventory.  6 weeks later, 13 cars came fresh off the dock at the Queensborough Harbor, and it all began.  Since then, we have gone from one desk and myself in a shared office/showroom just flipping cars from Japan, to now all local inventory, a fully operational two bay hoist with detail shop, specializing in finding and financing customers their dream cars.  All in our "new" space, a modest little fixer upper, we are constantly improving, with our team of 5 great guys, doing our best to serve our customers and all their vehicle needs. 

Although there's been a lot of bumps along the way, and I'm sure plenty more as we go, there's no industry I'd rather be in.  Join us on our journey...

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