How to Wash a Car Like a Pro

Car ownership involves more than just driving. Refilling the fuel tank, changing oil, and rotating the tires for service, and changing fluids are some of the many things that needs attending. Vehicle maintenance also includes detailing your car on a regular basis. It includes removing contaminations and corrosive material, to avoid deterioration of your vehicle. Plus, you will get a sense of pride when you drive an impeccably cleaned ride. Detailing also helps the exteriors and interiors last longer, and maintain the value of your car. Here are some amazing tips to detail your car like a pro!

Hand Wash the Exterior

The pros never wash their car in an automatic car wash. The brushes may cause scratches in the paintwork and cause water to sit on the surface. This all can give a dull appearance to your vehicle. Washing the car by hand is a total pro move.

  • Make a mixture of warm water and high-quality car wash detergent. You can also consult the instructions on the soap for the right mix ratio.

  • Use clean water to rinse off the dirt from your car. You can use regular garden hose or a pressure washer. Avoid spraying too close to the car.

  • Soak a microfiber wash in the mixture of warm water. Scrub each panel, starting from the least dirty areas.

  • Once the car is soaped up, rinse it with clean water. You can also use warm water for more stubborn stains.

  • Finally, dry the exterior with microfiber cloth, starting from top to the bottom while pushing water off the exterior.


Cleaning the Glass with Two Motions

Fun fact: the best glass cleaner is a foaming glass cleaner! It can break down bug residue and make your job a lot easier. Simply spray on the exterior glass and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. The trick is to wipe in a vertical pattern first and move on to a horizontal motion. Re-clean the glass if streaks occur.

For the interior glass, spray the cleaner on the cloth and wipe the windows. This way the spray won’t settle on the interior trim. Wiping the glass in a vertical and then horizontal motion is a pro practice.

Apply Wax with Power Buffer

To get professional results, using a power puff is the best way. Most people remove the wax and then polish with a buffer, but this can lead to an uneven finish. Go the other way around, and apply wax with a buffer pad. This will prevent burning the paint layer and ending up with a thin coat of wax.


Clean the Wheels

Do you have an exotic car or a classic one? Regardless of your ride, you can give it the perfect finishing touch and brilliant shine by cleaning the rims and tires. Start by spraying the wheel cleaner directly onto your rims. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse the wheels with clean water. Use a rag to dry the wheels.

The trick to washing the wheels like a pro is using the right type of cleaner. Chrome cleaners won’t work effectively on alloy surfaces and plastic-coated wheels should only be cleaned with a soapy solution. It is also important to use a high-grade and acid-free cleaner. It will prevent premature aging of the rubber. Spray the cleaner on the sidewall, scrub the surface with brush, and wipe the excess off with a cloth.


Static Electricity on Carpets

The carpets in the car can trap some serious dust, dirt, and bits of food. It makes it difficult to remove them with vacuuming. There is nothing more annoying than scrubbing the carpet with a brush and failing to remove the tiny particles. The professional mechanic services in Burnaby use static electricity on the carpet to draw the bits upwards. Use a latex glove and gently rub your hand on the carpet. This will generate static electricity and pull up the little bits.


Compressed Air to Deodorize Vents

Wondering where the new car scent went? Now you can get it back by using compressed air. After a while, the air fresheners don’t really do the trick. The dust and moisture can build up on the inside of the air vents, which can lead to stale odor that can circulate through the cabin. Using compressed air will remove the grime, bacteria, and much from the car and will give your car a neutral smell.

Now you can detail your car like a pro!