Full Car Detail

Detailing - FULL DETAIL

Your car deserves the white glove treatment. Our Full Detail package includes a premium hand wash, interior vacuum and window cleaning. We'll also remove the built up grease inside the engine, keeping the heart of your investment in show condition. Finally, a top coat of wax applied by hand will make your car shine bright.

Starting at $225.00
Pricing based on car size

What’s Included:

  • Interior Cleaning - Interior windows washed, all carpet vacuum, spot cleaning

  • Exterior Cleaning - Hand wash, windows cleaned, tires washed and dressed

  • De-grease - Cleaning and de-greasing of engine bay and exhaust tips

  • Waxing - Top coat wax/paint sealant applied by hand to protect gloss

  • Competitive pricing with fast, trustworthy service

  • Quality guaranteed: if it’s not to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right

Full Detail Purchase Options


Small Cars
Compact 2 door vehicles with up to 4 seats

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Midsize Cars
Mid-sized 4 door vehicles with up to 5 seats

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Large Cars
SUVs & minivans with up to 7 seats

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