Car Detailing Scratch Removal

Detailing - Full Detail & 5-Stage

Your car deserves the white glove treatment. Our Full Detail & 5-Stage package includes a premium hand wash, interior vaccum and window cleaning. We'll also remove the built up grease inside the engine, keeping the heart of your investment in show condition. To remove impurities, we'll brush your car with a claybar before performing a two-stage wet sand to remove deep scratches. Finally, we'll pass a machine polish over your car to make it shine.

Starting at $400.00
Pricing based on car size

What’s Included:

  • Interior Cleaning - Interior windows washed, all carpet vacuum, spot cleaning

  • Exterior Cleaning - Hand wash, windows cleaned, tires washed and dressed

  • De-grease - Cleaning and de-greasing of engine bay and exhaust tips

  • Claybar - Surface cleaned with claybar to lift any paint impurities

  • Wet Sand (1500 Grit) - Level paint surface of orange peel, and remove deep paint scratches

  • Wet Sand (3000 Grit) - Smooth paint and prepare for compound cut/polish

  • Cut - Polisher and cutting compound to remove surface scratches, hazing and swirl marks

  • Polish - Machine polish to seal and restore original brilliance

  • Competitive pricing with fast, trustworthy service

  • Quality guaranteed: if it’s not to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right


Small Cars
Compact 2 door vehicles with up to 4 seats

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Midsize Cars
Mid-sized 4 door vehicles with up to 5 seats

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Large Cars
SUVs & minivans with up to 7 seats

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